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Taiwan President

China PRC 1968 Chairman Mao Issue, #W13 Scott #999, Mint NH, light creases


China Taiwan 1st Anniv President Chiang Kai-shek's 2nd Term Souvenir Sheet 1955


China Taiwan 1952 President Chiangs Resumption Of Office Mint Stamps


CHINA TAIWAN 1985 President Shiang "SPECIMEN BARS" U/M BP150


PR China W7 Poems of Chairman Mao full set used


PR China W10 Latest Instructions by Chairman Mao full set CTO not hinged


People's Republic of China Part Sheet of 30 CHAIRMAN MAO Stamps


China Postage Stamp used 1972 President Nixon visit China Air Mail 5 Riyals


CHINA TAIWAN 1962 Sc#1349-51, President Mansion, MLH. NGAI.


CHINA Taiwan 1955 Sc#1111-14 Presidents Chiang Imperf Set MNH XF


China - 3 unused stamps Chairman Mao Tse-Tung & Stalin (1950)


CHINA Liberation 1949 Sc#5L82//90 Chairman Mao , MLH. NGAI. Short Set.


CHINA TAIWAN 1958 Sc#1197, President Mansion, MLH. NGAI. Wmk. Scv$24.00


PRC China W10 文10 Chairman Mao Instructions single #992 used


1931 US Sea Post Office to Shanghai China Cover SS President Coolidge Ship


CHINA PRC Stamps 1968 W13 SC#999, Latest Instruction by Chairman Mao, MNH VF NEW


CHINA Liberation 1948 Yang#NC68-75Chairman Mao Complete Set MNH VF


CHINA PRC, 1977. First Day Covers (3) J21, Chairman Mao


CHINA Taiwan 1963 Sc#1349a-51a Presidents Mansion Imprint Blk/4 MNH-XF


CHINA PRC 1977 J21,Scott 1357-62 Great Leader Chairman Mao Zedong 毛主席 MNH


CHINA Liberation 1946 Sc#1L1-4 Chairman Mao Set MNH VF


CHINA Liberation 1945 Yang#CC15-19 Chairman Mao 5v Imperf Stamp MNH VF


China Stamps New W10 Latest Instructions by Chairman Mao, MNH


1919 President series USA post offices in china Unused


Rare China Stamps 1977 J21. 1st Anniversary of the Death of Chairman Mao. MH.


PR China 1967 W4 A Long Long Life To Chairman Mao Tse-tung SC#960-4 邮票


CHINA Taiwan 1962 Sc#1349-51 Presidents Mansion Imprint Blk/4 MNH-XF


CHINA Liberation 1947 Sc#1L68-72 Chairman Mao Set MNH


PRC China W10 文10 Chairman Mao Instructions #993 single used


CHINA stamp 1967 W2 Chairman Mao Great Teacher used #2