Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 2 | Dungeons Plus, Mo’ Structures, Ender Mail & More!

  • 2021.01.26
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Top 50 Minecraft Mods Of The Year 2020 Part 2 | Dungeons Plus, Mo’ Structures, Ender Mail & More!

Here’s Part 1 if you missed it:

I went through every mod created in 2020 (That’s over 7,000 mods!) to find the best mods of the year. I narrowed it down to 66 mods, that I’ve grouped into 50 spots!

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Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
1:22 Dungeons Plus
1:52 Bag of Yurting
2:11 EnderChests
2:31 Age of Exile / Dungeons of Exile
3:03 Campanion
3:19 Easy Villagers / Easy Piglins
3:43 Biome Makeover
4:25 Rotten Creatures
4:38 Lost Trinkets
4:56 Goblin Traders
5:21 Golden Hopper
5:35 Traveler’s Index
5:46 HT’s TreeChop
6:04 Moving Elevators
6:26 Pretty Pipes
6:59 Refined Pipes
7:20 Crash Utilities
7:35 Mo’ Structures
7:57 Sophisticated Backpacks
8:20 MCDoom Mod
8:40 Ender Mail
9:02 Decorative Blocks
9:29 Potions Master
9:48 Industrial Revolution
10:15 Guard Villagers
10:42 Supplementaries
11:01 Pedestals
11:42 The Conjurer
12:06 Guns Without Roses
12:30 Croptopia
12:45 Spiders 2.0
13:15 Vivecraft / Outro

Dungeons Plus:

Bag of Yurting:


Age of Exile:

Dungeons of Exile:

Easy Villagers:

Easy Piglins:


Biome Makeover:

Rotten Creatures:

Lost Trinkets:

Goblin Traders:

Golden Hopper:

Traveler’s Index:

HT’s TreeChop:

Moving Elevators:

Pretty Pipes:

Refined Pipes:

Crash Utilities:

Mo’ Structures:

Sophisticated Backpacks:

MCDoom Mod:

Ender Mail:

Decorative Blocks:

Potions Master:

Industrial Revolution:

Guard Villagers:



The Conjurer:

Guns Without Roses:


Spiders 2.0:

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